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The Smoothest Riding Horse in the World

True to their name, Paso Finos are the horse with the fine step! The breed’s Spanish heritage can be seen in their proud attitude, style, and elegance. Paso Fino horses are known for being calm at hand, but full of energy, drive, and stamina under saddle. Their gait is unique, quick, extremely smooth, and totally natural!

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Paso Fino Horse World

Paso Fino Horse World - the official publication of the Paso Fino Horse Association. It’s where to find the latest Paso Fino breed news, show results, member stories, Association updates, and more. Full issues available online.


Contact Cheri Prill at 813-843-0182 or pfhweditor@pfha.org.


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Shows & Events

Paso Fino horses are a versatile breed! Show them off in the show ring, on the trails, or at a breed exposition. PFHA sanctioned events are taking place all over the country.

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Show Programs

Win big money in the Futurity, Breeder’s Sweepstakes, & Geldings for Gold programs.


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Improve your riding skills and show your own horse as an Amateur!


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Recreational Rider

Join the thousands of Recreational Riders across the country in our trail programs.


The PFHA is pleased to announce that the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has awarded two valued grants to the Paso Fino Horse Association:

1. The Youth Sportsman's Award. Thanks to applications by PFHA Youth member Ali Bedell and the PFHA, the PFHA has received a Youth Sportsman's Award.

2. USEF Membership Incentive Grant. The amount of the grant was determined by how many PFHA members were also USEF members who indicated Paso Fino as their primary breed/discipline. One of the stipulations of the grant is to encourage PFHA members to become USEF members. As in the past, this grant is dedicated to helping retain PFHA memberships and gain USEF members through the First Time Buyer complimentary membership program.

Information for the 2017 Paso Fino Horse Foundation Youth Scholarship

Click here for the guidelines and requirements.  Applications are available here and are due by May 31, 2017.

Preliminary PFHA show results for regional shows are now available here.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Paso Fino Horse Association shall be to protect and promote the best interests and welfare of the Paso Fino horse; to protect and maintain the integrity of the Registry, and the natural characteristics and heritage of the Paso Fino horse; promote and enhance the appeal and versatility of the Paso Fino horse; and provide and support member services.

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