Annually at the spring meeting, the PFHA Board of Directors inducts a horse and a member into the PFHA Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame inductees are given this special award due to their time and energy promoting the Paso Fino breed. Horses are inducted due to their positive influence in the breed from either their prowess in the show ring or in trail competitions or due to the prowess of their offspring. Nominations can be made by any current association member by filling out the requirements on the PFHA Hall of Fame Nomination Form which can be found on the All PFHA Forms page. Nominations are due 30 days prior to the spring Board of Directors meeting. The Board votes on the nominees each year at the spring Board Meeting, and the winners are announced at the following PFHA Grand National Show.

PFHA Hall of Fame Inductees

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Members Horses
1999 Rosalie MacWilliam 1999 Coral LaCE
1999 Dr. Carolyn Ziegler 1999 Plebeyo
1999 George Lahood Jr. 1999 Kera que tal
1999 Marion P. Geiger 1999 Capuchino
2000 Julio “Cese” Figueroa 2000 Mar de Plata LaCE
2000 Charles Minter Sr   2000 Ensueno de Colombia
2000 Raven Briggs 2000 El Pastor
2001 Tom and Mary Uelsmann 2001 Majestuoso
2001 Fred Moretti 2002 Hilachas
  2002 Henrietta Ratliff 2003 Nevado
2003 Dr. Maurice L. Hirsch Jr. 2004 Resorte Cuarto
2004 Alvaro Iriarte 2005 El Caliente Aji B/R
   2005 Ray and Winona Walton 2006 Bochica Tres
   2006 Dr. Jose Laracuente 2007 El Vicario Ltd.
   2007 Dr. Carmen Cepero   2008 Forest Cabin Erectorita
   2008 Barbara Preiss 2009 Semilla de Corazon Bravo 
   2010 Art Glatfelter 2010 Favorito que tal
   2011 Ray Gillis 2011 Profeta de Besilu
  2012 Dick Lockhart  2012 Resorte Ocho donde es
2013 Bill Minter   2013 Ponderosa Coloso
 2014 Benjamin Leon, Jr.  2014 Marlena LaCE

PFHA Foundation Sires

Bolero LaCE Hilachas
Faeton LaCE El Pastor
Lucerito Mar de Plata LaCE

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