Team USA Placements

Girls 4-5
Lena Figueroa...3rd World Champion
Manuela Suarez....5th world Champion
Boys 6-8
Maxin Maysonet...2nd World Champion (Bronze Medal)
Girls 9-11
Alison Seiler...3rd World Champion
Boys 9-11
Jorge "Gordo" Suarez JR...2012 World Champion (Gold Medal)
Girls 12-14
Jorgiana Suarez...1st World Champion (Silver Medal)
Ali Bedell...3rd World Champion
Girls 15-17
Julieta Suarez...2nd World Champion (Bronze Medal)
Diandra Blanco...3rd World Champion
Alison Crooks...made the cut
Boys 15-17
Jaime "Jaimeto" Suarez...1st place (Silver Medal)
Girls 18-20
Michelle Gomez...5th World Champion
Boys 18-20
Carlos Blanco Jr...2nd World Champion (Bronze Medal)
Girls 21-24
Sarah King...made the cut
Christine Meyer...made the cut
Frenchie Castro...5th World Champion
Lexie Love...made the cut

2012 Team USA Roster

Francisco Davila
Maxin Maysonet
Kevin Londono
Lena Figueroa
Manuela Suarez
Isabela Ochoa
Jorge Suarez Jr.
Jaime Suarez Jr.
Nicole Medina
Mia Rodriguez
Carlos Blanco Jr.
Alison Seiler
Diego Figueroa
Grant Griffeth
Casey Fox
Lysandra Venegas- Singer
Evan Chandler
Ali Bedell
Meredith Cole
Julia Suarez
Isabella Berard
Savannah Williams
Jorgiana Suarez
Cynthia Sabin
Wesley Chandler
Joel Amaya
Sarah King
Maggie Greene
Julieta Suarez
Diandra Blanco
Alexandra Amador
Alison Crooks
Gianna Miller
Brooke Younce
Kaycee Gracia
Janine Suarez
Michelle Gomez
Katie Martin
Emily Vasquez
Erin Pulford
Christine Meyer
Kellie Rucker
Francheska Castro
Lexie Love

"I just returned from judging the 9th World Cup Youth Mundial in Miami, Florida, USA. What an experience and what an honor! Being the Judge representing our beloved country, the USA, was an honor that I will never forget. From the members of our PFHA Association to our USA Team coaches:  Mr. Rick Meyer, Miss Christy Meyer, Mrs. Sharon Londono, and Mr. Javier Suarez, words cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of your hard work. It was not an easy job. Our team was made up 46 riders between the ages of 4 and 24 years of age, each of whom was treated like their own children, backing them all the way!
To our Team USA: thank you for representing our country in such a magnificent way. There are no words for me to let you know how proud I am of all of you. Keep it up! To our coaches, thanks for all the effort. It is so greatly appreciated! By writing this piece I am saying “Thank you Team USA.” It was an extraordinary experience for me to be part of it.
God Bless you all!!!!!!!"
Carmen Cepero, 9th Youth Mundial Judge 
“As the President of the Florida region & organizer of the 9th Felix S. Santiago Oliver Youth Mundial, I would like to congratulate the participants from Team USA in a great showing. These kids poured their hearts out and they were amazing. Also, I would like to thank the coaches of Team USA, Rick Meyer, Christy Meyer, Sharon Londono, & Javier Suarez for the fantastic work and effort they put into this team. God bless all the participants and my board members and everyone that helped put on this amazing show. Thank you.”
Carlos Blanco
President, Florida Paso Fino Horse Association
“The 9th Confepaso Youth Mundial, organized by Florida PFHA and held in Miami, was a resounding success! The Mundial had over 300 youth competitors, the largest congregation of Paso Fino equitation riders in Mundial competition to date. Delegations from10 different countries on 3 different continents including the Caribbean and Central America, proudly carried their flags into the arena for the Opening Ceremony. These young riders then partied and danced together into the wee hours in a show of the true meaning of what the International Competition represents to the Paso Fino world. From the competition and camaraderie we witnessed throughout the week, the future of our breed throughout the world is in excellent hands.”
Alexandra Amador
Vice-President, Florida Paso Fino Horse Association
 "When we say that the youth of our Association is the future of the Paso Fino breed, it could not be better exemplified than watching the Youth Mundial this year. It brought both chills and tears watching 4 and 5 year olds perform figure 8’s, serpentines, and their general equestrian skills. This was all done under the watchful and protective eye of the Team USA coaches. I attended the Mundial as President of the PFHA, but I left as a proud member of the Paso Fino breed and a proud member of “all that can be good,” if we just let it. Thank you kids, coaches, sponsors, and parents.”
Lee Vulgaris
President, Paso Fino Horse Association

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