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2018 Paso Fino Horse Association Grand National Championship Show. Join us in Perry, Georgia, September 17-22.

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Not only is this the title of a great old song, it’s terrific advice for Paso Fino and equestrian fans everywhere this coming September!

Let’s start with the World Equestrian Games (WEG)—the largest sporting event in North America this year—4th largest in the world. There will be 8 world equestrian championships along with the largest exhibition of horse breeds in the US. PFHA is proud to be part of the USEF team participating in the WEG—an audience of 40,000 per day with 350 million TV viewers will get an opportunity to see the Paso Fino demonstrated in all its versatility and grace.

So, come to beautiful Tryon, NC and stop by to see our own Michael Gascon and his team demonstrate the Paso Fino horse—then come on over to the PFHA booth to learn more about our fabulous breed! The WEG runs from September 11th to the 23rd—find out more details at https://tryon2018.com/.

BUT, that’s not all—oh no! Right smack dab in the middle of the WEG is the PFHA Grand National Championships in Perry, GA. Running from September 17th to the 22nd, this year’s Grand Nationals will pit the best-of-the-best from all across the US in competition for the coveted Grand National Championships. See the link on this website. This is PFHA’s biggest and best event of the year—don’t miss it!
These two events ought to give Paso Fino fans, and equestrian fans in general, a lot to choose from. I look forward to seeing you—in September.

Bill Nelson
Executive Director, PFHA


Reminder: the second tier deadline for entries is August 27th.  Visit the official Show site.


Whether you are a first-time visitor, a valued Member of the Association, or you just landed here by accident—WELCOME! Our Association is made up of thousands of great folks who love, cherish, and enjoy our wonderful breed—the Paso Fino. The Mission of PFHA is simple—to promote and protect the Paso Fino breed and provide services to our Members.

Please take a few minutes to check out our Association site. Our Events tab will tell you where all the exciting Paso Fino events are happening during the year—and throughout the world! Looking to find a farm with Paso Finos so you can drop by and see one up close? Click on our “Find a Farm” tab and the map will show you hundreds of Paso Fino farms standing by to introduce you to our breed.

Don’t forget to visit our Programs tab. There you will find a wide variety of programs available to Paso Fino folks—especially exciting are all the opportunities for Recreational Riders. Many of our PFHA members participate in regional shows throughout the year—culminating in our Grand National Championship Show in Perry, Georgia where the “best of the best” competes for coveted National Championship awards. Check out our Grand National Show under the Events tab to learn much more!

Ready to join in on the fun of riding a Paso Fino? A great way to start is by joining our Association—there are a load of benefits to membership. Visit the Join PFHA tab to learn all about it.

Thanks for visiting our website and feel free to contact us with your thoughts and questions. If you get the opportunity to ride a Paso Fino, you’ll understand why our slogan is “Enjoy the Ride”!

Best regards,

Sharon A. Londoño
President, PFHA

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our PFHA members, sponsors, and supporters. I look forward to a terrific 2018 and all the opportunities it represents for us to build on last year’s successes.

We have much to be thankful for from last year—despite the horrific hurricanes and wildfires, they could have been much worse for many. The stories of our Members stepping up and helping those who were affected are many, and powerful. They are a testament to the people who belong to PFHA and who love the Paso Fino.

In keeping with the PFHA Mission to promote and (especially) protect the Paso Fino Breed, the Board of Directors approved the following statement on Paso Fino Horse Slaughter:

Paso Fino horse owners have a responsibility to provide humane care for their horses throughout their horses’ lives. If an owner is no longer able to care for their Paso Fino horse, we encourage owners to rehome them through transfer to another responsible owner, or if necessary, a rescue, adoption, or sanctuary organization. For horses that are ill or infirm and unable to be rehabilitated, or present a danger to themselves or others, we strongly encourage Paso Fino owners to consider humane euthanasia by their veterinarian. Horse slaughter is not humane euthanasia and is inherently inhumane.

We support sensible, responsible breeding practices that can reduce the population of unwanted horses and eliminate a surplus of horses, resulting in overall higher quality and increased value for the Paso Fino horse.

This statement will be followed up in the following months with specific programs that will promote and fulfill the commitment made above. I encourage everyone to stay tuned to developments on this issue to learn not only what PFHA is doing, but also what YOU can do to support and protect our breed.

Sharon Londoño,
President, PFHA

Trail Horse Test Program Enriched through USEF Membership Incentive Grant

The Paso Fino Horse Association’s Recreational Rider program rolled out its Trail Horse Test Program in 2017. The program provides a way to demonstrate the horse’s ability to perform trail riding skills based upon a series of tests that gauges the horse’s natural ability and training against a standard of performance. Awards for the program include patches, bridle tags, halters, and saddle pads with embroidery work that demarcates the horse’s level.

Thank you to the United States Equestrian Federation for the Membership Incentive Grant that supported the institution of this program.

PFHA Youth Seminars

The PFHA Youth Committee is ecstatic to have Master Farrier O’Neill Garcia at Team USA tryouts in South Carolina & Florida. He will be part of our ongoing PFHA YOUTH SEMINARS where our Youth can develop a better understanding of why overall Horse Care is imperative for their horse(s).

O’Neill Garcia resume includes:
– Garcia graduated from Oklahoma’s Horseshoeing School in 1991
– In 1997 Garcia was a teacher for two years in the same school
– Garcia is part of the AFA Association. In February of 2016, he became an Equine Podiatry receiving certification in Bilbao Spain in a BF Academy.

As these youth riders are the future trainers, owners, judges, etc. of our great breed, any future education is imperative for PFHA.

Thanks to the United States Equestrian Federation for the grant money provided we are able to further the PFHA Youth’s education on how important overall equine health is to their horse(s).

Welcome to the New PFHA Website

This vibrant, eye-catching Association site is designed to provide information not only to our Members, but also to Visitors seeking to find out more about our Paso Fino horse and our Association.

The Computer Committee and the good folks at Millermark Creations did a great job of capturing the look and flavor of the Association. I draw your attention to a couple of new items on the site: Find a Farm and Find a Show. These are maps where
every farm can be quickly located, along with pertinent information about the farm. I want every Member farm reflected on the map (it’s FREE). On the second map, Find a Show, you will be able to find every sanctioned show as well as many
of the events where Members demonstrate our Paso Finos.

The good folks at CNTi are working on revising the Member Only section of the website and expect to roll that out early in 2018. Meanwhile, the PFHA website is here for Members to use. Please continue to send in stories, pictures, farm and
horse information, etc. and we will get it posted!

As always, we value your comments and suggestions. Please let us know where we can improve.

Bill Nelson
Executive Director

PFHA Joins USEF Competiton Lite Program

PFHA President Sharon Londono signs the USEF-PFHA Agreement joining Competition Lite

PFHA President Sharon Londono signs the USEF-PFHA Agreement joining Competition Lite

GOOD NEWS for 2018 PFHA Shows!!  PFHA has joined the USEF Competition Lite Program which will reduce show costs by eliminating a number of current USEF requirements.  PFHA President Londoño and USEF CEO Bill Moroney signed the agreement on August 16th, adding another solid link to our partnership with USEF

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2017 Top 10 Pasos for Pleasure - 4th Place

Carol Deninno, 416.5 hours

This is my fourth year of participation in the Paso Fino Horse Association Pasos for Pleasure program. I was pleased to learn that I placed fourth for 2017. I have owned Paso Finos for almost 35 years and am a life member of the Paso Fino Horse Association. My passions are trail riding and obstacle competitions. Both are wonderful ways to show the versatility of Paso Finos since many people think of Paso Finos
only as show horses. I have now started my 4-year-old Paso Fino mare, Belleza Pintada, in the obstacle competitions. So far my 21-year-old mare, Mariposa del Pinales, and Belleza are the only Paso Finos consistently participating in Arizona. As a result, many people now have a better understanding of Paso Fino horses as they gait through an obstacle rather than trot.

I trail ride both mares on organized trail rides and also enjoy trail riding with friends. The Pasos for Pleasure program is a great way to keep track of my hours of riding. One of my favorite rides is a four day organized trail ride in Southern Arizona where people from all parts of the USA participate. Exposing them to what a Paso Fino can do as a trail horse is very rewarding to me. My mares even compete in the fun gymkhanas which are offered on this ride, gaiting instead of trotting. They also canter when the event calls for a canter.

Fortunately I live in a rural area near the base of an 8000-foot mountain. Since there is good weather most of the time, I am able to regularly ride in uncrowded beautiful rugged mountains. At 74 years of age, I hope to ride many more miles on my trustworthy Paso Finos.
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2017 Top 10 Pasos for Pleasure - 5th Place

Lucille T. Hood, 413 hours

2017 has been a busy year for all of us at the farm. We have moved to a larger barn and acreage. I still have made plenty of saddle time a priority. With a large county park just a mile away, we are able to get in ride time instead of trailering time. Florida weather has been epic for us last year with major hurricanes, higher than usual heat and flooding like never before. I look back and am thankful to God that we are all well and did not suffer any loss of life or health. Looking forward to more camping and trail miles this year!
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Horse Capital Television features the Youth Mundial!

Horse Capital Television
Showcase Properties of Central Florida and Horse Capital Digest presents 2018 Felix Santiago Oliver Confepaso Youth Equitation Mundial Special thanks to: FELIX SANTIAGO OLIVER Un Joven Para la Historia Paso Fino Horse Association and Stunning Steeds
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2017 Top 10 Pasos for Pleasure - 6th Place

PJ Tomlian, 408 hours

I am pleased to have placed sixth in the Pasos for Pleasure program for 2017 and consider it a wonderful bonus that we are rewarded for doing something I love to do! Catcher and I enjoy the amazing trails with beautiful views in TN in the summer and are able to spend our winter months riding in the Ocala National Forest with our riding companions in FL. Thank you for providing this program! Happy Trails!
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