About the Paso Fino Horse Association

Photo credit Stunning Steeds PhotoMission Statement: The Mission of the Paso Fino Horse Association shall be to protect and promote the best interests and welfare of the Paso Fino horse; to protect and maintain the integrity of the Registry, and the natural characteristics and heritage of the Paso Fino horse; promote and enhance the appeal and versatility of the Paso Fino horse; and provide and support member services.

Vision: PFHA is the predominant Association dedicated to the welfare and promotion of the Paso Fino horse. We are widely recognized as an international Association whose programs and policies set the standard for the Paso Fino breed. PFHA is an impactful organization which supports robust and fair exhibitions and shows as well as programs for recreational and youth members. PFHA will be known for promoting sound breeding practices, adoption and rescue programs, and pride in our breeds’ illustrious heritage. We will reach our 50th Anniversary financially sound, growing in membership and horse registrations, and providing outstanding service and support to our Members.

As the Paso Fino horse rocketed to popularity during the 50’s and 60’s, a need for an association to manage this breed became apparent. In 1972, a group formed the first association, the Paso Fino Owners and Breeders Association, which was a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing and recognizing the Paso Fino breed.

The association (known today as the Paso Fino Horse Association or PFHA) started with only a dozen shows and a handful of registered horses. Today, it has grown to 24 regions that encompass over 3500 members and 60,000 registered horses.

The PFHA seeks to “represent the Paso Fino horse to the American public,” and it does so by holding training clinics, sponsoring shows and demonstrations, hosting trail rides, and publishing materials, such as Paso Fino Horse World magazines, to educate people about the breed. The PFHA provides programs and competitions for members that provide a wide variety of involvement and activities surrounding the Paso Fino breed.

The Association’s office was located in Bowling Green, Florida, from 1979 through 1994 and in Plant City, Florida, from 1995 through early 2010. In May 2010, the office was relocated to the heart of the equine industry, the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Association registers horses from countries of all origin, such as Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Only Paso Fino horses are registered by the Association, and each horse’s bloodlines are verified through DNA testing.

Advantages of becoming an Association member include receiving the Paso Fino Horse World magazine, eligibility to participate in PFHA shows and events, discounts from national retailers through the PFHA MemberPerks program, and eligibility for our Recreational Rider programs as well as our money-making Fabulous Futurity and Breeder’s Sweepstakes programs.

The culmination of the PFHA show season is the Grand National Championship Show, which requires horses to qualify by accumulating the required points at regional shows.


Association members are represented by regional groups throughout the United States and in Europe, South America, Canada, and the Caribbean and Central America as well. The governing body is the Board of Directors, consisting of delegates from each of the 24 regions, and the Executive Committee, consisting of eight additional members. The Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) is elected by the membership every two years at the annual membership convention with three additional members appointed by the President, with the approval of the Board, for three-year terms. The immediate Past President is also a member of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee provides guidance and decision-making authority between Board of Director Meetings that are held four times annually. Responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of the Association are delegated by the Board to the Executive Director.

The President appoints, subject to approval of the Board, 23 Committee Chairs to handle duties that support the Association’s goals and objectives. These Committees are made up of dedicated individuals who are very active in their respective programs.

Operating Principles

The following principles outline a philosophy of cooperative behavior that is essential to the effectiveness and productivity of PFHA.

PFHA Operating Principles