Central Canada PFHA Region

Website: www.centralcanadapfha.com

The mandate of the CCPFHA is to introduce and educate as many people as possible, in this huge and beautiful country, to this terrific breed of horse.

As a club we are constantly growing in member numbers as the word gets out how fantastic this breed is. Also, many find it very helpful having the moral support and general knowledge that is gained by being a member in such a club.

We try to host at least one clinic per year, often actually hosting 2 or 3. Having had multiple U.S. clinicians and judges here to present at them. Our annual Fun Show has always been really well attended and lots of fun for all. Including some classes for other gaited breeds when they had no local breed shows of their own. Trips to Equine Affaire, Ohio, and U.S. Paso farms etc. have been offered in the past and hopefully will be again in the future. We have a great variety of breed representation at ‘The Royal Winter Fair’, which is the largest and busiest fair in Ontario, Canada. Having the opportunity to show the general public our lovely breed, by performing demos and talking with hundreds of visitors, with many of our members volunteering to man the booth and bring their horses along. Thankyou guys, without your help this wouldn’t be possible. Close to Christmas we host a Banquet, along with a silent auction, free membership draw and High Point Awards for Adults and Youth. Our awards are for club function attendance, with or without a horse or as a volunteer, not for show points!

In 2012 we hosted our 1st CCPFHA pointed show. Which was, I am glad to say, a resounding success. One that is, we hope, to be repeated in the future. Who knows, maybe annually, the new sponsors we gained this year helped enormously with our finances so it looks as if it could be possible!

The future looks rosy for this beautiful breed, here in Canada, as we keep working hard talking about them to anyone who is willing to listen. For more information about the clubs activities go to our web site www.centralcanadapfha.com.

Contact Information

Sutherland, Karen (President)
40 Rosedale Rd,
Tiny Township, Ontario
Canada L9M 0B5
Phone: (705) 795-6169
Email: kmsutherland@bell.net

Roy, Richard (Delegate)
295 Sawmill Road
St. Catherines ONT
L2R 6P7
Phone: (905) 688-6833
Email: richardroy@yahoo.com