PFHA Region – Colombia

Region Bylaws:

A group of high tradition Paso Fino breeders in Colombia, in recognition for the great labor that PFHA has been doing in favor of the Paso Fino breed, like the blood typing, that now ill be converted to DNA, at the same time that the identification of the mares by the same system and the demand of it since 1993; the organization and earnestness have produced a high credibility at world level. We, as Colombian breeders recognize it, and by this, we wanted to open this Region to continue enriching ourselves with these policies.

The sharing of ideas and rules with our participation as a Region would be of great importance in the benefits of the Paso Fino breed.

Colombia PFHA wants to share experiences, establish agreements, exchange techniques of horse training and member education programs, etc.

The Performance, Pleasure and Trail are also attractive innovations within Paso Fino training for ourselves and our horses and we want to introduce it in our country through our Region in order to spread the variety of our shows and knowledge of the people involved in these activities.

Some members of our Region are also Trot and Gallop and Trocha horse breeders and enjoy them very much in Trails and shows and some of them dream some day to have similar rules and organization as our PFHA.

We are preparing ourselves to do events, but first our policy will be the clinics in which some members will participate in USA and at the same time we will bring technical people to lead our local clinics. The first already was done last February with very good results.

By now, we are meeting in our farms doing small shows, beginning to apply the PFHA rules to be useful to them, also we are working, according of the amnesty, in the registrations of the horses older than 24 month old.

We hope the Paso Fino breeders could join as a great family around this special kind of horse, enjoying his beauty, smoothness and noblesse, not only in Colombia, but wherever a Paso Fino could exist.

Contact Information

Amin, Cesar (President & Delegate)
244 Majorca Ave
Coral Gables, FL   33134
Phone: (561) 792-9045