PFHA Region – Tennessee Valley


The Tennessee Valley Paso Fino Horse Association was chartered in May of 1983. Over the last 16 years it has grown from the thirty-five charter members to a membership in excess of 150 people from the Tennessee Valley area.

Show sponsorship has also grown from one regional show in 1984 to three regional shows held annually in Morristown, Murfreesboro and Memphis. The association and its members also participate in the Horse Fair which is sponsored by the Tennessee Horse Council and held at Middle Tennessee State University each March. We were well represented at the Horse Fair by our members this past year. Tennessee Valley received first place in the stallion exhibition, and second place in the breed exhibition.

Tennessee Valley members enjoy their Pasos in a variety of ways. They participate in parades, trail rides, breed exhibitions, and clinics. Last April, we sponsored a trail ride at Natchez Trace for the benefit of St. Jude Children’s & Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. The Trace is only one of many popular trail riding sites for our members.

Tennessee Valley also sponsors clinics each year for both adults and our young men and women. The clinics instruct us in Paso Fino equitation, general horsemanship and current training methods.

We have numerous members who enjoy regularly participating in parades all across Tennessee.

Please visit with us at our web site where you will find our e-mail address, details about our association and a current calendar of events. We also have a Classified Ads page which will help you find the Paso of your dreams (if you have not already done so!)

We are a very active, growing group, with many more activities planned for the coming years including trail rides, shows, clinics, and open houses. We hope to see you there.

Contact Information

Hixson, Stella (President & Delegate)
2322 Floraton Road
Readyville, TN  37149
Phone: (615) 890-3609
Phone: (615) 403-4702