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Paso Fino Horse Association Breed Welfare/Adoption and Rescue Program

Dear fellow Members and friends,

The dictionary defines association as “a group of people who work together in a single organization for a particular purpose”. In the following paragraphs I’d like to discuss my thoughts on this definition and how it applies to us, here at PFHA.

Let’s start with group of people. Given the heritage of the Paso Fino breed, and the Paso Fino Horse Association, it’s no surprise that the group we’re talking about is a very diverse one! We enjoy this diversity through our far-flung membership that encompasses Europeans, Canadians, South Americans, Puerto Ricans, etc. – you get the idea. We come from many places, with many different heritages – even languages. Our group includes owners, recreational riders, breeders, rescuers, show folks and more. When it comes to groups, PFHA is as diverse a collection of people you will find anywhere!

Now, how about who work together? This is a tougher concept to grasp and is even more challenging to execute. Part of the difficulty is our geography – we are spread over a vast amount of real estate. Another part is our organizational structure – ostensibly designed to allow us to do business with each other in a de-centralized way so that we may address our regional membership needs. We are all familiar with the old saying that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. I believe that is very true for PFHA. We will only be as good at fulfilling our common mission as we are at working on it together. This doesn’t mean we won’t have differences and a healthy discussion of ideas. We can, and we must, if we are to be the best we can be. Whatever the choice of direction, we ultimately must travel the same way—together!

Although we have over 23 Regions, collectively we are one organization, PFHA, an Association we are all proud to be members of.

Next, let’s look at a particular purpose. Purpose is what defines us and gives us the strategic direction for all our efforts. This purpose is expressed in our Mission Statement – “to protect and promote the best interests and welfare of the Paso Fino Horse…”. You’ll notice there are no names listed in the Mission Statement – that’s because we are not about specific people; we are about the Paso Fino breed. Each of us needs to take a moment and refresh our awareness of this fact – it’s about the breed, not about me, or my region, or my business, or even the number of trophies I earn at Nationals. Being aware of our purpose as an Association and as individual members must be foremost in guiding our actions and our voices.

There you have it – what an Association is all about. How does PFHA measure up to this definition? How much do YOU contribute to help PFHA do so? There are so many opportunities for you to help your Association – showing your horse at events, joining others in our important committee work, running for office, volunteering at the National Show – there is no end to the list.

Additionally, you can help our Association by being an Ambassador. This means being positive in your public speech, your posts on social media and your personal conversations with friends. It doesn’t/shouldn’t take a bunch of words in the Rule Book to encourage us to visibly support our Association, our elected officers, judges and stewards, and office staff! I urge everyone to examine your own “particular purpose” – is it to join with others and uplift PFHA and support its Mission – or is it something else?

I invite you to join me and our 45-year-old Association in fulfilling our common purpose of protecting and promoting the Paso Fino.

Sharon A. Londoño
PFHA President

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