“Cobre’ Brilloso

By Jenn LaMana, New Beginnings West Paso Fino Rescue

Cobre’ was born on 3/27/2011 at Sarah King’s Farm. A MarcaPasos son. She donated him to the 2014 Spectrum International show to make money for Mundial. We are not sure who won him but he ended up at the Gascons. From there, the Gascons gave him away (a fresh Greenbroke 4yo) to a man for his grandkid. Papers did not go with Cobre’ to get him registered. From there, he hit the auction/killpen circuit where he made his rounds.

He was eventually was saved from the killpen by a mother/daughter duo who had never been around Paso Finos. They put him in a chainlink dog kennel. I had reached out to them as I try to, with all new or known auction/killpen buyers.

I usually want to let people new to rescuing from a killpen/auction about good Quarantine, and give them a place to chat about their new rescue on our Facebook group. Cobre’ was only there a few weeks before they wanted him gone. He was going to put up on Craigslist for cheap. Usually when a cheap Paso hits Craigslist, Killbuyers line up to buy them. Often in the guise of a good home for the wife and/or kids. (see Jan 17th 2018 PFHA magazine for great article on this) Many people we ask when we try to track their history down, were told by the dealer/killbuyer what a great home this horse would be going to. People are lied to all the time in order to gather up horses to sell.

After some discussion, we made the decision to bring Cobre’ to Nevada to New Beginnings West Paso Fino Horse Rescue to make sure he was safe.

When he arrived, he was hunchbacked and super thin. The area around his eyes was inflamed and bite marks on his spine. Certainly not the horse pictured in his Raffle photo. I began his rehab right away. I had to hire a massage therapist to get him to where he could move again. Lots of good food. Slowly working with him until his back was level and he was in shape.

He was almost ready for me to put him up for adoption, when a Paso friend who had moved away from our town, came by for a visit. I introduced her to all our guys and gave her the back story on each of the rescues. We went out for a relaxing ride on two of our Pasos into the desert. We had pizza for lunch, then hugged, and went on our way.

Alison had a long drive back to Salt Lake City, Utah. It seems Cobre’ made a huge impression on her. She contacted me hoping I would think about adopting him to her. It was a huge decision. I always grow attached to them and want nothing but the best for their future. I also understand I am usually just the stepping stone for almost all of our rescues.

I knew Ali would give him a great home and all the love he so deserved.  I had introduced Alison to some great Paso folks where she lived now and knew they would help out if needed. Off Cobre’ went to his new home.

They had a few rough patches as he was afraid of being ridden in the arena and had other behavioral  issues at first being ridden. Between Ali’s endless patience and her help at the barn, soon enough they were hitting trails and even doing overnight camping! He is also now registered with a fabulous name! It seems no one had ever given him a name in his past homes. “Cobre’ Brilloso” now has a name and a PFHA #59812. A past, present, and a very bright future!

He’s been retrained by Ali and turned out to be one amazing trail horse. She says, “He has competed in endurance conditioning and racing.  He has led trail rides in Moab, Utah. He was used for a lesson horse for kids. Has learned a barrel pattern. ” She has been riding him with Bison on trails too!. SO many amazing adventures they have had and will have.

A horse’s future is what you make of it.

Without wonderful people who give rescues a chance, we could never save them. A huge Thank you to all our adopters!

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