When did my membership expire?2017-08-05T04:21:44+00:00

Our membership year is now on a yearly basis. Memberships expire December 31st.  We do not prorate membership pricing if the renewal comes in late.

Why am I not receiving my subscription to PFHW?2017-08-05T04:20:55+00:00

There are several reasons why you may not be receiving your magazine. First and foremost, make sure your address on file with PFHA is up to date and that your PFHA membership is current. Assuming both of these are correct, it could be that the magazine is still in the mail, or there could be an issue in your PFHA account. The magazine is sent out from the printer via periodical, or 2nd class, mail. This works much differently than 1st class mail, which takes only 1-2 days to get to its destination. Periodical mailing may take 2-3 weeks or longer, depending on where you live. The US Postal Service will wait to send periodical mail pieces until they reach a quota of other mail going to that location. Your neighbor may get the magazine a week before you, and though it doesn’t always make sense, that’s how the mailing system works. If you would like to see the magazine but haven’t received your copy in the mail, check the online version. If you feel that there may be a problem with your account, please email cking@pfha.org.

How do I renew my membership?2017-08-05T04:19:54+00:00

We have three ways to renew your membership. You may fill out our Membership Application and mail, fax, or email this to our office. You may also go online and Login to your account using the “Login” button on the top right hand side of our website. You will need your PFHA ID number and PIN, if you need help remembering these please feel free to call us at 859-825-6000. The final option would be to renew your membership over the phone. Please keep in mind that in order to do a phone renewal you must pay an additional $15 processing fee, as this option is considered a rush.

Are there any benefits for me as a new Paso owner?2017-08-05T04:18:56+00:00

If you have never been a PFHA member and are purchasing your first Paso Fino, please fill out and submit a First Time Buyers application form. This form requires the horse’s previous owner to sign and must be sent in with the transfer or registration request. This First Time Buyer’s offer will enable you to receive a complimentary membership for the remainder of our competition year. The previous owner must be an active member with PFHA for you to be eligible for the complimentary membership. If you are not a member with PFHA and are not eligible for a First Time Buyer’s offer you may apply to be a new member with our Membership Application. You can fill this out and submit this with the original certificate.

What is the status on my Horse Registration/Transfer?2017-08-05T04:18:05+00:00

It can take up to 30 days to process horse requests. Everything is processed in the order in which it is received, and processing time varies based on the amount of paperwork coming into the office. The PFHA staff will be able to provide a more specific processing date range upon request. Once the registration department reviews your transaction, they will send you a letter if there is any discrepancy with the submitted paperwork that prevents it from being completed in a timely manner.

I need a copy of my horse’s certificate, what do I do?2017-08-05T04:17:13+00:00

Please note that we cannot make copies of a certificate or email verification of a horse’s registration. If the original certificate for a horse is lost, PFHA requires you to apply for a duplicate certificate using the Duplicate Certificate Request Form. This form must be filled out with notarized signature(s) of the owner(s) on record with PFHA. Two color photographs of the horse must be submitted with the application. The fee required for the duplicate certificate is $75.00 (member rate) or $125.00 (non-member rate).

If the horse is being transferred at the same time as a duplicate certificate request, please use the Duplicate Certificate Request Form and Transfer. This will require the applicable duplicate certificate fees, as well as the transfer fees.

How do I get DNA testing done on my horse?2017-08-05T04:16:19+00:00

If you are registering a horse for the first time, the quickest and easiest way to complete the DNA testing on the horse is to request the DNA Kit on the Horse Registration Application underneath Section 1. If you select “Mail Version” the fee will be $65.00, and if you select “Email Version” the fee will be $55.00. The kit will be sent via the selected method. Please note that all hair samples should be sent directly to the UC Davis genetic laboratory, NOT the PFHA office.If you are submitting a DNA Kit for a horse that is not being registered right away or to verify a horse, you can use the DNA Kit Order Form. If you are requesting the kit for comparison/verification purposes please include the name or registration number of the horse that you’d like to compare the sample to and a brief note explaining the situation.

I am registering a new horse, what are the fees and what else do I need?2017-08-05T04:15:24+00:00

For a new horse registration we require a Horse Registration Application to be completed in its entirety. Signatures of the stallion owner at time of breeding, dam owner at time of breeding, and dam owner at time of foaling are required. Signature requirements are determined by who is listed as the owner in our database for the indicated dated. In order for membership rates to apply all of the owners of the dam at time of foaling must be current members. If the owner registering the horse was not the owner of the Dam at time of foaling, a $55 transfer fee is required and Section 6 must be filled out. DNA testing results are required for every horse registered with the PFHA. To order a DNA kit with the Horse Registration, select the version you prefer beneath Section 1 of the application. If you select “Mail Version” the fee will be $65.00, and if you select “Email Version” the fee will be $55.00. The kit will be sent via the selected method. Please note that all hair samples should be sent directly to the UC Davis genetic laboratory, not the PFHA office.We require four color photographs be submitted with a horse registration application. The photos need to clearly show the horse from all angles. We require photos of both sides, a full front and full back. Also, be sure that any markings or identifying characteristics are clearly shown.Fees for the Horse Registration are based on the age of the horse at the time the request is postmarked.

Horse registration fees are as follows:

Registrations: Postmarked 0 – 180 Days From Foaling $70 $140
Registrations: Postmarked 181 – 360 Days From Foaling $100 $190
Registrations: Postmarked 361 – 720 Days From Foaling $130 $240
Registrations: Postmarked Over 720 Days From Foaling
(price took effect January 1, 2014)
$250 $675
I just bought my first registered Paso, what do I do and how much does it cost?2017-08-05T04:10:51+00:00

For a transfer of ownership, PFHA requires the original certificate of registration be sent with the new owner’s information and the signature of the previous recorded owner in the transfer section on the back. The previous recorded owner’s name is listed on the front of the certificate; use this to verify you have the correct signature. We cannot accept a copy of the certificate for transfers of ownership. The cost of a transfer of ownership request is $55.00 (member rate) or $125.00 (nonmember rate). In order for membership rates to apply either the buyer or seller must be a current member.

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