PFHA Rule Book

PFHA members are governed by the PFHA Constitution and Rule Book which is updated every two years. This document contains rules governing membership, shows and the registration of Paso Fino horses. Any member may submit a Rule Change Proposal (RCP), which is voted on by the membership through their regional delegates at the January Membership Meeting during the respective year. The RCPs receiving the required affirming votes are incorporated to the PFHA Constitution and Rule Book.

The Guide to Paso Fino Tack provides detail descriptions of the tack that is allowed in PFHA sanctioned shows.

For our members that compete internationally in Confepaso sponsored events, they would follow the Confepaso Rule Book.

Any member may submit an Extraordinary Rule Change Proposal, which the Board of Directors is empowered to enact. An Extraordinary Rule Change is defined as one that, unless expedited, would create or continue a severe hardship, safety issue or a gross unfairness to the Association, its members or their horses or its competitions. The rule change proposal form MUST contain a statement describing clearly how the proposed change meets the above criteria.

Board Policies

Board Policies are established by a majority of the Board of Directors and generally remain in effect 5 years.

In effect as of July 7, 2018:

Standards of Ethical Behavior concerning social media posts.

1. Recognize that open communication requires respect, trust and courage.
2. Conduct yourself online just as you would in any other public circumstances as a PFHA member.
3. Treat those you encounter online with fairness, honesty and respect. If you have an issue with someone, go to that person and share your concerns first with them, not on social media.
4. Verify information before passing it along. Be honest about your intent when reporting.
5. Avoid actions that might discredit your impartiality or PFHA. Always remember, you represent PFHA.
6. Support and practice PFHA rules, policies and operating principles.