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Amateur of the Year Award

The Amateur Owner of the Year award, presented each year at the Grand National Show, gives special recognition to one of our Amateurs who demonstrates the criteria outlined below. Each nominee is featured in the July/August issue of Paso Fino Horse World magazine and voted on by the general membership, making this a highly sought after peer award.

The candidate must have demonstrated the following:

Accomplishments: The candidate must have achieved excellence in the show ring at the regional and or national level. This includes honors, awards and commendations the candidate has received.

Contributions: The candidate must have demonstrated substantial and sustained contributions to the breed at the local, regional, and national level. This category includes contributions (not monetary) the candidate has made to youth, other Amateur Owners, and promotion of the breed. Contributions could be in a volunteer or elected capacity.

Sportsmanship: The candidate must exhibit conduct becoming to a sports enthusiast including but not limited to honest rivalry and graceful acceptance of results.

Horsemanship: The candidate must exhibit excellence in skill of riding, exhibiting, management, and specifically in the care and wellbeing of her/his horse(s).

2014 Amateur Owner of the Year, Deborah Ramsey Photo: Larry Williams Photography

2014 Amateur Owner of the Year, Deborah Ramsey Photo: Larry Williams Photography

Amateur Owner of the Year Awardees

  • 1995 – Deborah McMahon-King
  • 1996 – Tom Walters
  • 1997 – Larry Johnson
  • 1998 – Maurice Hirsch, Jr.
  • 1999 – Catherine Siemer
  • 2000 – Beverly Frick
  • 2001 – Sharon Quinn Dixon
  • 2002 – Monica Abreu
  • 2003 – Alberto Fontela
  • 2004 – Ronald Moloff
  • 2005 – John Levert, Jr.
  • 2006 – Ann Harper Howell
  • 2007 – Mario Hernandez
  • 2008 – Tony Rodriguez
  • 2009 – Debbie Suder
  • 2010 – Dr. Gay Culverhouse
  • 2011 – April Hughes
  • 2012 – Peter Anthony Suder
  • 2013 – Kathy Yarbrough
  • 2014 – Deborah Ramsey
  • 2015 – K.K. DuBois
  • 2018 – Julie Garris