Transfer of Ownership

How to complete a transfer of ownership:

  • Signature of seller (current owner on record) is required in the transfer section on the back of the horse’s original certificate of registration
  • New owner’s information must be filled out in the transfer section
  • Original certificate with complete information must be mailed to the PFHA office at 4067 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, KY 40511
  • Applicable fees must be included (see fee schedule)

*The back of the horse certificate also has designated areas for requesting a color change, castration update, or death update. Fees for these additional requests are included on the fee schedule.

Reasons to submit a transfer promptly:

  • Ownership information cannot be backdated. The ownership record will reflect a transfer beginning the date the transfer request is postmarked to the PFHA office.
  • Reduced liability of previous owner with regard to legal action.
  • Enables current owner to sign for any breedings or births occurring while the horse is in their possession.
  • It’s required by PFHA rules!