Paso Fino: A Beautiful Gaited Horse

As a gaited horse, one of the most remarkable attributes of the Paso Fino is its truly amazing gait, which is rhythmic, smooth, poised, direct, and balanced, resulting in unparalleled comfort for the rider. The Paso Fino is just as fun to watch as it is to ride because of the strikingly controlled and purposeful gait.

A Paso Fino comes by its gait naturally, using it during its entire life. The steps are equal and spaced evenly so that they create an unmistakable beat pattern that is both regular and rapid. The rider reaps the benefit of a comfortable and smooth ride as the four hoof beats pound out a rhythmic cadence.

With three main types of forward gait, the Paso Fino offers a nice variety to horse fans. In each case, the rider remains so still that there is no discernible up and down bounce to the ride. The Paso Largo is the fastest speed, complete with full stride and extension with less collection than the other speeds. The Paso Corto is the medium speed with full to moderate collection. Stride is medium in extension, and the horse covers a moderate amount of ground. Finally, the Classic Fino is a very slow, full collection gait with rapid footfall leading to very short extensions.

Other than those main three, the Paso Fino also has the ability to execute many other gaits that are natural to horses, such as the relaxed walk, lope, and canter. This versatility allows the Paso Fino to compete in Western class events and Pleasure Driving, too. And everyone can enjoy the Paso Fino breed during trail and recreational riding. What a beautiful gaited horse the Paso Fino is!