The Ultimate Pleasure Horse

The Paso Fino is an ideal horse for those who enjoy pleasure riding. While many different breeds can be enjoyable to ride, the Paso Fino provides such a smooth and stable journey that almost anyone can ride one.

The unique, natural gait of the Paso Fino translates into an easy journey. People who can no longer ride other horses often find that they can still ride a Paso Fino, which means that it’s a great horse for all ages.

Since Paso Finos are even-tempered and friendly by nature, it makes them a very versatile breed. Their gentle demeanor translates perfectly into the pleasure horse role, and owners get years of enjoyment in return.

Plus, with the range of gates that a Paso Fino naturally performs, the owner has a number of options while riding. That’s why so many Paso Fino owners derive so much enjoyment from the breed!